For New Sites

Welcome to the National Health Service Corps!

As an NHSC-approved site, there are several steps that will help you take advantage of NHSC benefits and maintain compliance with NHSC requirements.

  1. Activate your NHSC Customer Service Portal account. You can use the portal to conduct business with the NHSC on your schedule.  Use the online portal to post and update job openings, view clinicians currently fulfilling their service commitment at your site, update your site contact information, ask the NHSC questions, and more.
  2. Display the NHSC window decal or tabletop sign to show your patients that you are an approved site.
  3. Post the NHSC site policy poster (PDF - 638 KB) that demonstrates your commitment to providing access to all patients regardless of their ability to pay.
  4. Let the NHSC help you with health care provider recruitment. Log in to your NHSC Customer Service Portal account to post or manage job openings on the Health Workforce Connector
  5. Each NHSC Site has a unique Site Profile in the Health Workforce Connector that can be managed through data entered in your NHSC Customer Service Portal account.  Your Site Profile has already been pre-populated with basic information like site name, address, phone number and current vacancies. 
  6. You can instantly customize your Site Profile beginning today by logging into your NHSC Customer Service Portal account.   When you enter the Portal, simply click the “Manage Site Profile” link under “Self Service” to get started. 
  7. Complete the Site Recertification process through the Customer Service Portal every three years if applicable. Federal sites and sites that receive funding from HRSA as a Federally Qualified Health Center are not required to recertify as long as they continue to receive Federal funding and meet NHSC requirements.
  8. Refer to the NHSC Site Reference Guide (PDF - 569 KB) if you have any questions about being an NHSC site.
    Persons using assistive technology may not be able to fully access information in this file. For assistance, please call our Customer Care Center at 1-800-221-9393.
  9. Site administrators with sites that may be eligible for NHSC Auto-Approval must contact the BHW DRO directly and submit a signed NHSC Site Agreement  in order for the site to be added to the NHSC system of record.